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We no longer sell books. Books can now be sourced new or second hand through the internet far cheaper than we can hold and sell them for from here. The following list is just a guide to books that, depending on your project, will guide you through your boat building project and are the most useful books in their fields that we can find on these subjects




Fibreglass and Composite Materials
Forbes Aird  This is an up to date book on the ever widening subject of composite materials. Well laid out with loads of information.
Fibreglass Boats Hugo Du Plessis  Comprehensive manual on all aspects of building a fibreglass boat
Fibreglass Boat Repair Manual Allan Vaitses  A guide to cosmetic and structural repairs of fibreglasses boats - large or small, sail or power.
Glassfibre Handbook R H Waring  Pretty near whatever you want to know about hand lay-up methods of fibre glassing.
West System Booklet Fibreglass Boat Repair and Maintenance Excellent information in a compact booklet.
West System Booklet Gelcoat Blisters - Diagnosis, Repair and Prevention The title says it all.
West System Booklet Vacuum Bagging Techniques Information and tips on how to vacuum bag
West System Booklet Final Fairing and Finishing A very good booklet on how to go about this labour intensive job.
The Gougeon Bros. On Boat Construction A comprehensive volume covering the use of wood / epoxy material and techniques, from lofting and setting up through hull laminating and interior
Cold Moulded and Strip Planking Ian Nicholson  An informative and practical guide to both these methods of wooden boatbuilding
West System Booklet Wooden Boat Restoration and Repair
Boatbuilding Manual. 4th Edition Robert M. Steward  A classic manual of wood boatbuilding as well as other methods. hardcover.
The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding Reuel B Parker  Well illustrated and written this is an excellent book for those contemplating building a cold molded hull.
The Boatbuilders Apprentice Greg Rossel  The ins and outs of building Lapstrake, Carvel, Stitch and Glue, Strip Planked and Other Wooden Boats
Devlin's Boat Building Samuel Devlin  Everything that you need to know about stitch and glue construction.
Metal Boats Ken Scott   A marine engineer takes you through the building of a small steel hull along with chapters on designs and alloy boatbuilding.
Steel Away Smith/Moir covers everything you want to know on steel boats and there building.
Steel Boatbuilding Thomas Colvin  Covers fully from buying plans to ultimately launching a steel built vessel.
The Complete Guide to Metal Boats Bruce Roberts   Information largely on Roberts designs. Includes section on  boatbuilding from a NC cut kit.
Aluminium Boatbuilding Ernest Sims  Design factors, skills required, techniques, tools and machinery needed. A good primer.
Boatbuilding with Aluminium Stephen Pollard  A groundbreaking book-the first one to unite the backyard boatbuilder with the ideal
Alloy Boat Corrosion Peter VanderWeyde and Brad Fox While mainly being concerned with small alloy powerboats the booklet covers the main do's and don'ts of all alloy boats.
Boat Strength for Builders, Designers and Owners Dave Gerr  An amazing book. Covers not only strength but goes into woods, foams, paints, filling voids, etc, etc.
How to Design a Boat John Teale  The best small book written on  boat designing. Inexpensive and easy to understand.
Principles of Yacht Design Lars Larsson and Rolf E Eliasson  If you wish to design your own yacht then this is the book for you
The Nature of Boats Dave Gerr  An extremely handy book on a huge range of topics regarding everything to do about building and understanding thing about the nature of boats. For experienced boaters and those just starting out.
Seaworthiness The Forgotten Factor C A Marchaj  How the search for speed has affected the Seaworthiness of the modern sailing vessel
Understanding Boat Design Ted Brewer The classic primer for the boat buyer, amateur builder, and beginning yacht designer.
Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual Nigel Calder  How to maintain, repair and improve your Boat's essential systems. Possibly the most thorough volume on boat maintenance.
Electrics Handbook Andrew Simpson. A RYA Publication An excellent book on understanding electrics in all types of pleasure boats. A highly recommended read before undertaking the design or upgrading of your boats electrics.
The 12 Volt Bible for Boats The best basic primer on 12 volt systems. If you have no knowledge of 12 volt systems and are unsure how to go about planing and installing one then this is for you.
Boatowners Illustrated Handbook Of Wiring Charlie Wing  A user-friendly, roll up your sleeves manual for onboard electrical projects, from fixing loose connections to rewiring your boat - ever produced. Hardcover
The 12 Volt Doctor's Alternator Book Edgar J Beyn Get to know your alternator - it could save your batteries life.
Metal Corrosion in Boats Nigel Warren  The prevention of metal corrosion in hulls, engines, rigging and fittings
The Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion Everett Collier  A complete reference for boat owners and marine professionals.
Understanding Boat Corrosion, Lightning Protection and Radio Interference John C Payne  A well presented and easy to understand book on the subject. Gives practical advice on protecting your boat.
The Sailmakers Apprentice Emiliano Marino   An excellent buy. Nearly 500 pages on sails, their types, repairs, maintenance, in fact everything you need to know about sails.
Sails-How they work and how to make them Derek Harvey  Everything you need to understand on how sails really work, and how to design, make and repair them.
The Complete Riggers Apprentice Brion Toss  Tools and Techniques for Modern & Traditional Rigging
The Chinese Sailing Rig. Design and Build your own Junk Rig Derek Van Loan  Exactly what the title states. Everything you need to know, written in a concise language for the amateur builder/designer.
Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook Dave Gear  How to Design. Install, and Recognize Proper Systems in Boats. This book is best read when building your boat.
Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual Nigel Calder  How to maintain, repair and improve your Boat's essential systems. Possibly the most thorough volume on boat maintenance. This book is best when maintaining an already built boat.
Propeller Handbook Dave Gear  A complete reference for choosing, installing and understanding boat propellers. For most people the propeller information in 'Boat Mechanical Systems Handbook' is enough. This is a specialized propeller book.
Boat Joinery and Cabinet making, Simplified Fred Bingham's  Practical Yacht Joinery updated and revised-and at a new low price
Boat Interior Construction Michael Naujok  How to build the many standard items required to fit out a hull. Many photographs throughout.
Fitting Out Your Boat Michael Naujok How to refit and refresh a wood or fiberglass yacht and bring it back to better than its former glory.
The Windvane Self-Steering Handbook Bill Morris   Everything you wanted to know about windvanes and then some more. Written by a practical sailer that knows his subject thoroughly.
The Complete Sailor David Seidman  An encyclopedic guide and one of the most complete books on sailing there is
Knots and Splices Cyrus L Day  A pocket size book showing how to tie knots, bends, and loops plus plaids, whips, splices, etc all with hundreds of colour photos.
Sailing Alone Around the World Joshua Slocum  This is the story of the journey that inspired thousands of circumnavigation in small boat. The story of the original Spray and her journey around the world.
The Marlinspike Sailor Hervey Garrett Smith  First published in 1956 this is the classic book on rope work. More than just decorative ropework there are many practical items in here.


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