by The Gougeon Brothers
Written by  the originators of the West Wood Epoxy System this book comes complete with latest addendum. Considered the Bible of wood epoxy boatbuilding this book will prove invaluable to all those planing to build with this method.

Hardcover 297 pages


1. Introduction
2. Before You Build
3.Estimating Materials and Labor
4.Tools and Boat Shop
5. Wood as a Structural Material
6. Buying Wood
7. WEST SYSTEM Products
8. Safety
9. Laminating and Bonding Techniques
10. Scarfing
11. Coating and Finishing
12. Synthetic Fibres and WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
13. Lofting
14. Making Mold Frames and Permanent Frames
15. Setting Up
16. Keels, Stems, and Sheer Clamps
17. Laminated Hulls - A General Discussion
18. The Mold Method: Building the Mold
19. The Mold Method for Laminating Hulls
20. The Strip Plank Method for Laminating and Strip Composite Construction
21. The Stringer-Frame Method for Laminating Hulls
22. Hard Chine Plywood Construction
23. Building and Developing Compounded Plywood Hulls
24. Interior Construction
25. Deck Construction
26. Hardware Bonding
Appendix A: Wood Data
Appendix B: Material Fatigue
Appendix C: Scantlings for Well-Known Boats Built with WEST SYSTEM Products
Appendix D: Impact Testing on Reinforced Laminates


I'm a professional boatbuilder and I'll be short.
I bought the first edition a good number of years ago. I rebought the book each time it was covered of resin or stolen. It's the holy book of the boat builder in wood/epoxy. The chapter about strip planking need more fresh data. The chapter about compounded plywood will make discover a new world to many people but it needs an addition about the cylinder mold which is a variant of the compounded plywood. Camber system is obsolete because is a too lengthy method, as well as cold molded. For fast building take the strip plank. Friendship from Mexico.
Pablo de Tarragon