maneCraft Deep Sea Seal


Deep Sea Seal

Leak Free - Deep Sea Seals keep your bilges dry and clean.

Trouble Free - Unlike a conventional packed gland, the maneCraft deep sea seal automatically compensates for wear and needs no adjustment.

Worry Free - The maneCraft deep sea seal has a built in emergency seal for added security and is ABS approved.

Sizes - to suit shaft diameters from 25mm (1") to 2m (6'6")


A New Generation of Propeller Shaft Seals

The New maneCraft EM and EY Small Craft Seals

The new maneCraft propeller shaft seal is designed specially to meet the demanding requirements of today's pleasure and commercial craft. maneCraft the leaders in the development and manufacture of seals for the Navy and Commercial shipping in over 100 nations. Our seals are used on applications as diverse as nuclear submarines and semi-submersibles oil platforms to aircraft carriers and super tankers. maneCraft seals are easy to fit, direct replacement for old style propeller shaft packed glands, they do not require packing, or adjusting, or maintaining and cannot wear a groove in the shaft. Following careful installation, all they need is a quick regular inspection in common with sea cocks, hoses, and other hull fittings under the water line. On monitored test vessels, maneCraft seals have completed in excess of 10,000 hours of service, or 100,000 sea miles and are still in perfect condition. On most vessels, age will be the deciding factor rather than service hours when renewal is necessary.


Design Features

Applications -Sealing propeller shafts and rudder stocks for the following marine uses; boat building, boat repair, charter fleets, fishing boats, hire craft and owner retro-fits.

Self Adjusting- These seals automatically compensate for face wear, and unlike gland packing, do not require any adjustment.

No Shaft Wear - The maneCraft seal rotates with the propeller shaft, and therefore cannot cause wear of the shaft surface.

Maintenance Free - Once fitted, the seal does not require any maintenance, although a regular inspection should be made in common with other fitting below the waterline.

Emergency Safety Seal with Tamper Proof Tag - The red tag is designed to prohibit accidental use of the Emergency Safety Seal until required.


Simple Installation

New Build

The maneCraft seal comprises two main components. The stationary seat assembly and the rotating seal assembly, (see Fig 1), both moulded from tough, oil resistant chloroprene. The stationary seat has a solid bronze ring bonded into it and is clamped onto the stern tube with two stainless clips, this part remains stationary. Incorporated into the stationary seat is a red emergency sealing clip. This safety feature is for an emergency only and is protected by a tamper proof tag.
Stationary Seat Rotating Seal
Under no circumstances should the shaft be rotated whilst this clip is tight. The rotating seal assembly is clamped onto the shaft whilst being compressed against the seat. As the shaft rotates, so does the seal assembly. The seal rotates against the stationary bronze seat, lubricated by the water inside the seal, and the water flush/air vent.


The maneCraft is simple to fit. Most vessels are easily converted to maneCraft and while there are many types of stern gland, they generally fall into three styles. Suggestions for conversions are shown below

Flexible Stern Gland

The old gland is secured to the stern tube by a short length of flexible hose. Simply remove the hose and fit the seat directly to the stern tube

Rigid Stern Gland

Remove the gland follower and replace in backwards using a sealant between the two flange faces. This will give a short length on which to fit the seat

Threaded Stern Gland

Remove the large nuts completely to expose the threaded tube. Fill the threads with a sealant and fit the seat to the tube.


Trouble Free Seal Selection

There are five easy steps to find the most suitable seal for your particular requirement and vessel.

Check the type of stern gland you are currently using on your vessel and match it to the example suggestions as above. If you have a new build make sure there is sufficient stern tube length to fit the seat, it requires a minimum of 32mm (11/4") of free length from the bulkhead to fit the stationary seat

Check your bearing spacing using the chart below and make sure the seal is not being used on an over long shaft. The seal is not a bearing.

Measure your shaft and stern tube diameters and note the maximum rpm of the shaft after gearbox reduction. Speed and shaft diameter are important as some high speed sets have support rings.

example for EM seal: Shaft = 25mm or 1" 
Stern tube =38mm or 11/2" rpm = 1560

Look at the seal selection tables below an see which sizes match the closet to your requirements. In our example you would need a set number 2 "standard". If your shaft speed exceeds the maximum for the 'Standard' set then refer to us for advice

Order the set you require and follow the fitting instructions carefully. The information here is for guidance only. A comprehensive set of instructions is included with the seal. A propeller shaft seal is a safety component and it is important that the fitting instructions are read, understood and adhered to for optimum performance of the seal. If in doubt contact us for advice.


Bearing Spacing

A propeller shaft requires bearings at intervals along its length, the interval being determined by the diameter and rotational speed of the shaft.

A yacht with a 25mm (1") shaft, turning at 1200 rpm (after gearbox reduction), requires a bearing every 1.2 metres (47"). A commercial vessel with a 50mm (2") shaft at 1000rpm needs a bearing at least every 2 metres (78"). Both these figures are for premium grade stainless steel shafts, these lengths will halve with bronze shafts. It should be noted that a maneCraft seal is not a bearing, and must not be used in a situation with over long spacing. The shaft could start to "whirl" and create problems.

A vessel with two bearings, one in the 'P' bracket and one in the stern tube would mean the distance between each is calculated separately. A bearing on the outboard end of the sterntube would be measured from the bearing to the end of the next supported part of the shaft, usually the gearbox coupling.


Seal Selection Guide

Type EM- Metric Range Dimensions (mm)

Real Size Reference Shaft Diameter Sterntube Outside Dia. Maximum Overall Length Standard Set Maximum Shaft Speed High Speed Set Maximum Shaft Speed Support Ring Required for Shaft sizes
Set No.2 25-29 35-43 131 1800 2950 25-27
Set No.3 25-29 43-51 131 1800 2950 25-27
Set No.4 30-34 43-51 131 1800 2850 30-32
Set No.5 30-34 51-60 131 1800 2850 30-32
Set No.6 35-41 51-60 131 1740 2750 35-38
Set No.7 35-41 60-70 131 1740 2750 35-38
Set No.8 41-46 70-80 131 1560 2600 all sizes
Set No.9 46-51 70-80 131 1560 2600 46-49

Type EM
- Imperial Range Dimensions ( please note, this is not a conversion of metric)

Real Size Reference Shaft Diameter Sterntube Outside Dia. Maximum Overall Length Standard Set Maximum Shaft Speed High Speed Set Maximum Shaft Speed Support Ring Required for Shaft sizes
Set No.2 1 1 3/8 -1 11/16 5 1/16 1800 2950 1 - 1 1/8
Set No.3 1 1 11/16 - 2 5 1/16 1800 2950 1 - 1 1/8
Set No.4 1 1/4 1 11/16 - 2 5 1/16 1840 2850 all sizes
Set No.5 1 1/4 2 - 2 3/8 5 1/16 1840 2850 all sizes
Set No.6 1 1/2 2 - 2 3/8 5 1/16 1740 2750 1 3/8 - 1 1/2
Set No.7 1 1/2 2 3/8 - 2 3/4 5 1/16 1740 2750 1 3/8 - 1 1/2
Set No.8 1 3/4 2 3/4 - 3 1/8 5 1/16 1560 2600 all sizes
Set No.9 2 2 3/4 - 3 1/8 5 1/16 1560 2600 N/A

For sizes larger than these please contact our office.
38 Harbour Esplanade, Burnett Heads, QLD, Australia. 4670
Email: or Ph : 07 41594982

Deep Sea Seal Prices
All prices shown are in Australian dollars

Type EM Seal
Set No 2 $ 380
Set No 3 $ 400
Set No 4 $ 420
Set No 5 $ 440
Set No 6 $ 460
Set No 7 $ 480
Set No 8 $ 500
Set No 9  $ 520
FREIGHT CHARGES : Free pickup from our offices .
Delivery anywhere within Australia via Express Courier is $20.00.
For overseas customers please email for freight cost options to your country.


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