Roberts 28


Designed for multi-chine steel construction only, this design is available with both long and short keel options, as well as trunk cabin (Version A) or pilot house (Version B) layouts, and is an excellent small steel cruiser for family use. The pilot house version offers that extra comfort for those occasional  days when the weather is not so perfect.

The design can be rigged as either a Sloop or a Ketch and can easily be handled by one person.

The study plan has details of the construction techniques in steel and includes the main materials list, accommodation layouts for both trunk cabin and pilot house versions, sail plan, building drawings, photo's of finished crafts and other miscellaneous information regarding this design. All available as a download for only $20. The purchase cost of the study plan package will be deducted from the full plan price if you decide to proceed.


L.O.A. 8.44 m 27'   8"
L.W.L. 7.36 m 24'   2"   
BEAM 3.08 m 10'   1"
DRAFT 1.45 m 4'   9"   
DISPLACEMENT 6,148 kg 13,527 lb
BALLAST 2,045 kg 4,500 lb


Version A  (Standard Coach House)

For photographs of this version please view our Photo Gallery.

Version B  (Pilot House)

Launching Day