Study Plan Packages contain all the sheets #1 from the actual plans. Sail Plans and the various accommodation layouts pertaining to the design are shown on these sheets. There may be anywhere from two to eight #1 sheets which are all to scale and which measure between one meter and two and a half meters long each. They are intended as a more in-depth overview of the design in which you are interested. 

Material Lists for the basic materials required to build the hull, deck and superstructure are included in the study plan package to help you with your budgeting. Where Fibreglass is mentioned as a material this means Balsa sandwich / Foam sandwich, Single skin or C-Flex. Most steel plans can be adapted to aluminium construction. Both moulded ply and strip plank can be used in conjunction with the wood epoxy saturation method. Sail and rig details are also shown on the study plan sets.

As the Study Plan Packages include the basic measurements in scale for the accommodation layouts, you can customize the layouts to suit your needs if what is presented is not exactly to your liking. 

Study Plan Packages are generally posted out the same day, Full plan sets generally take two days to prepare before posting. All study plans and full plan sets are sent in .pdf format on CD for you to have printed at a nearby print shop. Postage of study plan and full plan CD's is free.

To view each design click the size section that interests you. Each section has links where you can view drawings, photos and specifications of that design in the size range.


SAILBOATS                    from 18 ft to 30 ft

SAILBOATS                    from 30 ft to 40 ft

SAILBOATS                    from 40 ft to 65 ft

SPRAY DESIGNS            from 22 ft to 55 ft


PAYMENT AND RECEIVING STUDY PLANS AND FULL PLAN SETS. All plans are downloadable and we will send a link for you to do so once payment has been cleared. If you wish to receive the plans on CD rather than download them direct we are quite happy to burn a set to CD and post it out to you. You can phone us with your credit card details (Visa or MasterCard) or email us with the study plan or full plan set you desire and we will send a funds request through paypal so you can pay online with your credit card. We also accept Australian cheques, payment through Western Union, and direct deposit into our bank account.

Prices are all on the links just above